I’ve Gotta Start Somewhere…

Is the sun rising or setting?


DECEMBER 21, 2016

Is the sun rising or setting? I suppose our individual answers to this question, when looking at a picture like the one below, could dependĀ on our perspective. Where are we, in actuality? Where do we see ourselves? Are we filled with hope, anticipating the potential that awaits us in the new days that are ahead of us, or are we savoring the close of a long chapter that has been torturous, and life-affirming, all the same, soaking in the last warming rays of the day that reminded us of how precious our time really is? This is my first post on my new WordPress blog. It is both my sunset and my sunrise. It begins at the sunset of one chapter in my life, and at the sunrise of another. You will learn more about both as I go along. This is where you can find updates about my journey as a freelance writer/political commentator who is trying to make the best of the time that I have left on this third rock from the sun. The more rotations around, the better!! Oh, and you can count on this blog for being the designated digital archive location for my work. Please cite me when using any excerpts or references to the results of my own research and feel free to contact me for more information or questions about my trade as a wordsmith.

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Author: valeriehowlandblog

Freelance writer, political commentator.

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